About Us

Welcome to Cuddlez Montessori and Long Day Care Centre.  Cuddlez Montessori embraces the ideals of the emergent curriculum. We believe that all children are unique, and learn best when they are given interesting, open-ended resources and ample time to explore and learn.

We aim to constantly evolve and refine our practices to enable all children to gain the most they can from each experience offered to them. We aim to create a welcoming, safe and caring environment that not only reflects the culture of the families using our centre, but also one that reflects the natural environment.

At Cuddlez :

We believe that caring for children is all about empowering them with skills required to discover and explore their abilities to reach their full potential.  To achieve this effectively, we need to address the needs of the children and their families as well as the community. This is made possible by   the presence of a professional and dynamic relationship among the staff.

  • Create an early childhood environment that is nurturing, stimulating, free from bias and fulfil the needs of the children and their families as well as the community.
  • Maintain a safe and healthy environment for the children and their families as well as the staff and visitors of the centre in accordance with Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011.
  • Promote and develop a progressive “team” attitude among staff to ensure that planned and implemented programs are abreast with current practices.
  • Provide a happy and relaxed learning environment where staff listen to children and respond to them meaningfully.
  • Provide, develop and maintain professional care and service where children and their families’ cultural beliefs, attitudes and uniqueness are valued and respected.
  • Cater to and recognise children with additional needs by utilising the relevant support services in the community.
  • Implement programs that reflect the children’s interests by offering a wide range of interesting and developmentally appropriate experiences which will assist them to be successful learners.
  • Foster and develop independence and self-worth by being supportive of the choices and decisions each child makes.
  • Offer children opportunities that will expose them to varied ways of doing things so that they may learn from the diversity which may exist in the centre.
  • Guide and manage each child’s behaviour positively and appropriately.
  • Provide and encourage families with the opportunity to actively participate at all levels in their children’s care and education.
  • Use of the Early Years Learning Framework as a basis for the program implemented for the children in the centre, as well as incorporates Montessori approach when appropriate to benefit a child’s learning process by laying a foundation for future learning.
  • Operate in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Education and as stated in the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011.
  • Actively participate and abide by the National Quality Standard as set down by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).