Teddy Bear Picnic Letter

Dear Parents’

We are celebrating the Teddy Bear Picnic Day on Thursday 30-9-2016. Please send your child’s favourite stuffed toy with them as well as some finger food for the picnic. We hope they will enjoy the sunshine, fun games and creativity with their favourite toys.

StepsInvolved in Planning aTeddy Bear Picnic

The children will create invitations for their teddy bears to the class picnic. They willuse markers (or crayons) and construction paper. For more elaborate invitations, they can add special details with cut out bears, stickers, glitter, or paint.

EnrichmentActivitiesfor thePicnic

  • Read books with teddy bear, picnic.
  • Have an outdoor picnic on a sunny day or an indoor picnic on a rainy day.
  • The picnic is a fun, open activity that ignites the imagination of young children.

Dramatic Playat the Teddy Bear Picnic

We will make sure that all teddy bears have a seat at the picnic blanket and encourage the children to make up stories for their bears. Each child may want to introduce his or her special furry friend. This time should be filled with imagination.

If you are using pretend food, invite the children to act out a real picnic. This may include feeding the bears, feeding themselves, preparing food, and sharing.