Dear families,

Children have made many new friends who they are learning to cooperate, work and play with. This week we will be starting a unit of work on friends for children so that children can develop social skills. We will focus on ‘getting to know each other’. This unit of work includes things like discover new friends, old friends, friends of all age groups at the centre.

Some activities we have planned at the centre to incorporate this unit are:

  • Making friendship salad for our friends.
  • Making arts and crafts for our friends.
  • Creating a friendship chain with strips of paper.
  • Making a photo album of children with their friends.
  • Children will engage in sharing and caring activities, games, songs, rhymes, literature, and snacks.
  • They will plant seeds of ‘Friendship ‘and ‘Friendship Quilt’ activities are excellent starting points for discussions on friendship.

– Have a discussion about friends.
– What is friendship?
– How do you become a friend to someone?
– How do you show love and affection?
– What makes someone a good friend?
– Name some ways we can show affection to your classmates.
– We also emphasise that

Good friends help each other.
Good friends care for each other.
Good friends are kind.
Good friends share.
Good friends stick together.

At home, children may enjoy the following activities with you related to friendships.

  • Inviting a friend around to play.
  • Looking at photo albums with you of family friends and relatives.
  • Reading books or watching movies about friendships.
  • Ask questions such as Who are your friends? What special things do you like to do with your friends? What things do you like to do by yourself?

Through this unit, children will become more aware of what a friend? They will also learn how to interact with people and the importance of being social.