Where does it come from

This week we will be focusing on ‘Where does it come from’? Therese Astrid’s mother suggested this topic. And she provided this lesson plan for us to discuss with children. Therese will be visiting the service and going to talk about where some of the things you eat comes from.

Positive Behaviour 2014

As we all know it is important to always encourage our children and acknowledge any positive behaviours and achievements. We understand that as parents, you all will have many moments where you have been proud of your child, so we would like to encourage you all to write a few positive lines about your child and any constructive things they have done.


A person is visiting from Library at service for children to read the story and organise activities for them. A fun, interactive and educational program that combines books, songs, movement, and therapeutic activities


Children have made many new friends who they are learning to cooperate, work and play with. This week we will be starting a unit of work on friends for children so that children can develop social skills. We will focus on ‘getting to know each other’.

Dear Families- sea

This week we will be exploring the world of the sea. This unit aims to show children the great variety of sea creatures. We will be trying to create a sea world with our children. We will be covering topics such as different types of fish and marine plants etc.

Bee-keeper visit 1/10/14

Today the children were visited by a Bee-Keeper. He spoke to the children about the process the bees go through to make honey, how they are able to communicate with each other by emitting different smells. He spoke about how bees pollinate flowers so the plants can produce seed or fruit.